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Money-Saving Tips For Students Who Want To Travel Abroad

The opportunity to travel the world is one of the numerous benefits of studying abroad. Regardless of students’ financial means, they always look for methods to complete their programmes abroad.

You should purchase student travel insurance in advance if you wish to travel multiple times during your term; multi-trip coverage travel insurance can allow you to travel without fretting about unanticipated life events.

  • Budget for your travels.

The first step in voyage preparation is to create a travel budget. Knowing how much you need to save now and spend later will allow you to reduce expenses and save money. Less than twenty per cent of one’s monthly income should be spent on travel and a travel insurance international policy.*##

  • Purchase Your Airline Tickets Early

If you have a non-spontaneous travel planned for the following year, you should book your accommodations immediately. A last-minute purchase of a ticket will incur a surcharge.

  • Are you concerned about late cancellations? Your travel insurance provides coverage for domestic and international excursion cancellations. Specific flight/trip cancellation reasons are covered under the policy terms.
  • Aside from the Busiest Season, if a well-known (and costly) destination is on your itinerary for this year, travelling has many advantages, including:
    • You can travel to some of the world’s most enticing locations without contributing to congestion.
    • Travelling during the off-season prevents you from paying inflated hotel and restaurant rates.
    • Airfare prices can be reduced when visiting a prominent location outside of its peak season.
    • Additionally, off-season travel permits a more in-depth exploration of the local culture.
  • Travel in groups

Group travel is one of the most efficient strategies for students’ financial management. Travelling with a group allows you to share the costs of flights and a good deal with a travel insurance international policy. *

  • Analyse the Regional Markets

If shopping is on your itinerary in a foreign country, we recommend visiting local markets instead of large department stores. You can save money and learn more about the local culture by avoiding urban areas and favouring local markets.##

  • Utilise public transport

Public transportation is a compelling method for international pupils to manage their finances. Using public transportation, such as the underground, local railways, and other public vehicles, saves time and money while travelling. Always carry a map and be aware of theft, which the travel insurance company may or may not cover.*


  • Hotels or Hostels? Choose Wisely

The cost of booking lodging during a trip can hurt the travel budget. We recommend avoiding hotels and going for inexpensive homestays and lodging alternatives. Hostels are an excellent method for students to manage their finances and promote interaction and socialisation with people of various cultures and ages.

  • Avail Student Concessions

One effective way to save money is to look for student concessions. Notate establishments that provide superior services and concessions to students while travelling to or attending school.

  • Travel insurance’s advantages

When planning a trip, travel insurance is not necessarily a way for students to save money but is a prudent investment. The finest travel insurance coverage can cover your international travel.*##

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## All savings are provided by the insurer per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply

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